The Trust has a planned life lasting until 1 July 2024 and the Directors are required by the Articles to convene a general meeting of the Trust on, or within the three months prior to 1 July 2024, at which a special resolution will be proposed to wind up the Trust voluntarily by not later than the planned winding up date.

As these arrangements are designed to ensure that the ZDP Shareholders will be entitled to realise their investment, weighted voting provisions shall apply in respect of this resolution so as to ensure that this resolution will be passed if any shareholder votes in favour. However, before this date, the Directors will examine means whereby holders of Ordinary Shares may effectively continue their investment in a tax efficient manner while allowing the ZDP Shareholders to realise their investment. The Directors may be released from the obligation to call a general meeting if a special resolution has been passed to that effect not later than 1 July 2024.